Paul Rudolph

"Light is the fourth dimension of architecture and space."

"The essential element in architecture is the manipulation of space. It is this essence which separates it from all other arts."

Paul Rudolph

Paul Rudolph (1918-1997) was a highly prominent and consummately creative American architect, whose prolific career spanned from the 1940’s to the 1990’s. Rudolph designed and built numerous buildings across the country and around the world, and his work included: houses, skyscrapers, churches, urban planning, office buildings & corporate headquarters, schools, campus planning & academic buildings, and housing developments, as well as residential & commercial interiors, museum installations, furniture, and lighting.

MODULIGHTOR’s owner, Ernst Wagner founded MODULIGHTOR with the modernist architect Paul Rudolph. Together they developed its modular, flexible, and adaptable lighting systems — all based on Rudolph’s observations on light and its relationship to space, form and surface.

Rudolph saw a need for situation-specific lighting — something that was not being addressed by the lighting available at the time — and his insights led the way to creating lighting solutions that continue to be unique in the industry.

Paul Rudolph’s original vision continues today, with every MODULIGHTOR light fixture we build.

More information about Paul Rudolph can be found at the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation website:

A concise biography of Paul Rudolph can be found here.

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Yale Art & Architecture Building

"Reflected light coming from the wall is the most humane of all light.
Since light travels in straight lines, the reflections from the walls come back to you as an individual, putting you in direct contact with the walls themselves; it is as if the walls are caressing you with their light. This explains the humanism of reflected light."

Paul Rudolph, "On light"