Come celebrate the start of the weekend in the Paul Rudolph Duplex in the MODULIGHTOR Building. 

The first Friday of every month a great crowd of architects, designers, and enthusiasts gather for conversation and comraderie.

You may get tickets for the Open House in advance from the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation website.

Visit the MODULIGHTOR showroom a little before closing or use the gated entrance to the residence from 6 - 7pm.  (Private visits at other times may be scheduled if necessary and of course student groups are always welcome.)

OPEN HOUSE  6 - 8 PM - 1st Friday of every month (except July):

April 7th

May 5th

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Posted 03/22/2017 Julien Aleksandres

For an article in last week's NY Magazine Zack McKown of Tsao & McKown Architects selected Paul Rudolph's living room as his favorite 'room of all time.'  The legendary Beekman Place abode is often remembered for its remarkable definition of space with planes and structural elements that seem to float in the air.

Zack says, "And though the design looks so new, it really fits into the older building" (that Paul Rudolph renovated.) Although the interior is not publicly accessible go see the exterior at 24 Beekman Place on Manhattan's east side. Take a stroll on the East 51st Street Pedestrian crossing or visit the park for a rear view of the townhouse. It's worth the walk!

New York Magazine       TsOA & McKOWN

NY Magazine photo: Peter Aaron 

Posted 05/01/2015 Julien Aleksandres

The reason MODULIGHTOR fixtures work so well aesthetically is because Paul Rudolph didn't just make a sketch of some beautiful fixture and then figure out how to make it work. Rather, the function was determined first - how to solve a particular problem or set of problems - and the visual language of the fixture lines evolved from their necessary components. 

Because they were never intended to be a 'style statement' per se, the fixtures fit into any environment when specified thoughtfully. With finish and proportion a MODULIGHTOR fixture will look perfect in any environment.

Posted 09/28/2014 Julien Aleksandres

MODULIGHTOR extrusion based fixtures (Wall Washers, Art Lights, et cetera) have socket assemblies that use a JD Dual Contact / Bayonette style base. The socket can accept lamps up to 75 Watts. Remember that lamp selection is critical to your overall lighting scheme, so defaulting to the highest wattage for maximum brightness is not always the best choice. Please consider control options when specifying wattage in larger fixtures with a lot of lamps, for instance.

Our JD Halogen lamps come in two wattages, 50 & 75, and are 130 Volt lamps. When using with 110 / 120 Volt power supply (as is typical) a 130 Volt lamp will essentially be dimmed; therefore the lamp life will be extended and it will provide a warmer light color.

The JD Krypton lamps are available in 20, 40, & 60 Watt increments. For most purposes the 40 and 60 Watt lamps provide the right amount of light. As they are 120 Volt lamps, with 110/120 Volt power the light will be whiter than a halogen. Although the lamp life will not be extended due to the voltage discrepency, Krypton lamps have a longer rated life expectancy than the Halogens. Krypton lamps are not halogens so rather than being encased in quartz, they're in glass, giving them the added benefit of UV protection - perfect for art!

Remember that Wattage is an expression of how much energy is used, but is corolary to brightness within the same lamp type, so for the above bulbs it is correct to say that a 75W is brighter than a 60W and so forth.

Posted 09/17/2014 Julien Aleksandres

Some people use the word "track" in reference to fixtures that MODULIGHTOR would call Linear Pendants (LP & WW) or Linear Sconces (LS & AL). Be clear about the intended function of the fixture when specifying. Is the goal general, ambient illumination? - An even wash of light across a surface, whether it be art or architecture?

True track fixtures use spot lights which are great for getting a lot of light from point A to B, but will not produce an even wash of light over a large surface area. If one's perspective is between those points A & B, glare or shadow may hinder the desired light quality. 

Nine times out of ten when the word 'track' is used while browsing at MODULIGHTOR, the product selected will be one of our extrusion based linear fixture types cited above.

Posted 09/16/2014 Julien Aleksandres

Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting firm with offices in over 40 countries, has awarded its 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Award for Product Leadership to MODULIGHTOR.

Now in their 10th year, the Manufacturing Leadership Awards Program honors companies and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing. The ML Awards panel of expert judges concluded that MODULIGHTOR has demonstrated excellence for our project, a new LED Circuit Strip in Product Leadership, one of the most competitive categories.

MODULIGHTOR's lighting is based on the JD type Halogen or Krypton lamps that fit within our extrusions. These are specialized lamps which do not have replacement LED options on the market. With a vision towards the future, Modulightor committed to develop a custom LED solution that could replace our JD type lamps. With the assistance of Seoul Semiconductor, a billion dollar corporation, we have developed a UL Recognized circuit board that can be used in most of our lighting. Not only were we able to achieve making a light engine to fit in our restricted space; but we excelled in creating a replacement that produces more light than the traditional light source it replaces while using significantly less energy and with a greatly enhanced lifetime.

Our current 60 watt Krypton lamp produces 960 lumens. Our new LED light engine only consumes 13 watts and produces over 1,200 lumens. Our LED solution is available in a 2700°K color temperature and has a CRI in excess of 80. It runs much cooler than the lamps it replaces and will last at least 10 times longer. And more great news...our LED light engine is completely self-contained and does not require an external driver which so many other LED solutions require.

We hope you will visit us and learn what this new lighting solution can do for you. And we can't wait to show you our award.

You can read more about the award on Frost & Sullivan's web site:

Posted 06/12/2014 Mark Medoff

1st Dibs has a fantastic article from last month describing the experience Peggy Edersheim Kalb had growing up in a Paul Rudolph-designed apartment here in the city. I've met the senior Edersheims and was very impressed with their sophistication and decency.  Really nice people.

Peggy's story is a great, short read and very intersting to imagine the perspective of a young person being immersed in such a special environment.  THANK YOU, Peggy !

1st Dibs - Growing Up Modern

Posted 02/10/2014 Julien Aleksandres

Depending on how high or low a fixture is mounted on a wall and how the extrusion head of the fixture is rotated there is the potential for glare from the exposed lamps or LEDs on the underside of the extrusion.  To direct light where it's needed you may want to rotate the extrusion to point almost straight down.

In that instance we recommend the HRL shaped extrusion instead of the SQ or HR shapes. The 'lip' aspect of the HRL shape blocks glare from the light source until one is directly underneath the fixture looking straight up. 

If you must spec the SQ or HR shape based on aestethics a greater projection will help minimize the potential for glare as you will be less inclined to direct the light straight down.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Posted 01/16/2014 Julien Aleksandres

The seventh annual Designer Visions showhouse opened this week; featuring three apartments each designed by an individual design team and produced by a different design magazine.

Drake Design Associates crafted an apartment for House Beautiful. Inspired by a fictional descendant of the legendary Josephine Baker, Jamie Drake's fierce pad uses MODULIGHTOR spot lights in the living room. And I am so thrilled to have been given the chance to design the two custom Quadron-like chandeliers (CH07) for the master bedroom. What an honor!

All three apartments are amazing and the opening party was a true design event, sponsored by the Hearst Design Group. Go and visit the fantastically renovated 1929 Art Deco jewel of a building - the Walker Tower on West 18th Street.

Hearst Design Group       Drake Design Associates

Designer Visions

Posted 10/24/2013 Julien Aleksandres

Next week our friends at Bilotta Kitchens are hosting a fabulous design event in their show room just down the street in the A&D Building. Four talented designers will be showing off their skills at creating table-scapes.

The amazing Kent Brasloff is using a vintage Galaxy chandelier (CH30) from MODULIGHTOR in one of his two spaces. And one of our favorite people, Darrin Varden, is doing his own thing now after starting his firm earlier this year.  Looks to be a really great opening night!

Art of the Table  reception October 17, 2013  5 - 8pm

150 East 58th Street, NYC

Bilotta Kitchens of New York Kent Brasloff Darrin Varden

Posted 10/10/2013 Julien Aleksandres

It's been a great summer at MODULIGHTOR - the busiest yet. Beyond the steady stream of business, we also have some technical innovations to report.

Lamp replacement in our extrusion based products has been muchly improved with a new socket assembly design! Currently in production in our White and Polished Chrome fixtures, the new design will be introduced throughout the product line in every finish in 2014.

We are very excited to make life easier for everyone. It's a gorgeous and simple change that will improve the end-user's experience.

Happy Autumn!  We're on our way!

Posted 09/05/2013 Julien Aleksandres

This year's International Comteporary Furniture Fair - ICFF 2013 - was a really great show.  Furniture, lighting, decorative objects and finishes from big-name international companies as well as many local designers were on display. New York City was well-represented with many of our peers from Brooklyn and Long Island City. (Of course we are one of the last to still manufacture from Manhattan!)

Jonathan Adler's stylish booth that looked and felt like a chic vintage store was my favorite. His representatives working the show were the nicest and friendliest of all!

Photos: Julien Aleksandres

Posted 05/30/2013 Julien Aleksandres

Today's NY Times extolls the design virtues of  this year's Kip's Bay Decorator Show House with many of our regular clients in participation.

Jack Levy (Jack Levy Design) and Louis Garcia of Garcia Maldonado have created fantastic rooms for the fundraiser and garnered top billing in the Times article. We are thrilled Jack and Louis asked us to contribute to this great project.

Please read the article and go visit the beautiful house. It's open until June 4th.

NY Times: "House of Your (Vivid) Dreams"       Jack Levy Design

Kip's Bay Decorator Show House                       Garcia Maldonado

Posted 05/09/2013 Julien Aleksandres

LAMP is a bulb; we reference a Light Fixture when speaking about a "Floor Light" or an "Art Light" - not a 'lamp.' Lamps are the bulbs that give light.

A lamp is a LUMINARY - an object that gives light. An assembly of a lamp in a glass or metal sheild is a luminary. Luminaries do not have to be electrical - a candle or a candle-in-candle-holder-assembly is also called 'luminary.'

A LUMINAIRE is an electric light fixture. Luminaires may contain one or more luminaries. A non-electric chandelier is NOT a luminaire, (but it would consist of several luminaries.)

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode (explained more fully later.) Not bulbs necessarily, though there are now many LED replacement lamps. An LED is alwasy a 'luminary' though a strip of LEDs together or a constellation of LEDs in a single bulb should all be thought of as a luminary in total.

The definitive MODULIGHTOR light fixtures are made from EXTRUSION - a linear tube. Ours are open on one side, which allows for the insertion of modular componentry: luminaries that consist of lamps and reflectors, et cetera.

Posted 04/04/2013 Julien Aleksandres

The New York lighting community got together yesterday for the seventh LEDucation Conference and LED lighting show. Our friends at the DLFNY (Designer's Lighting Forum of New York - of which I'm a member) sponsor the show.

LED lighting manufacturers and New York based lighting companies exhibit their new LEDs and the lighting products they have to offer. And LED experts and lighting designers lecture about the various issues to consider when specifying LED luminaires. As you know - it's complicated!

Thankfully this conference is a great resource for designers and specifiers. One of our customers, Brooke Silber of Jan & Brooke, Luminae, gave a presentation about using LEDs for interior and exterior projects. Check out their lecture schedule.

LEDucation 7

Designer's Lighting Forum of New York

Posted 03/21/2013 Julien Aleksandres

The front cover of February's Architectural Digest featured the stunning work of our friends Steven Harris and Rees Roberts, photographed by the always on-point Scott Frances. What a great team! 

How happy we are to see a series of MODULIGHTOR wall washers peeking out of the corner of the images of this amazing penthouse. We are always so honored to have our fixtures included in such top-notch design projects.

Please read the fascinating article at Architectural Digest.

Steven Harris Architects   Rees Roberts + Partners
Architectural Digest    


photos: Scott Frances

Posted 02/28/2013 Julien Aleksandres

Tomorrow night join us in the Paul Rudolph Duplex upstairs above the showroom. It's a great way to start the weekend - with wine, cheese, a great crowd of designers, architects and enthusiasts. Of course our friendly and intelligent rabbit will host.

Last year due to construction in the MODULIGHTOR building our Open House schedule was sporadic.  We're pleased to be back on track for 2013 and will resume our regular bi-monthly schedule.

OPEN HOUSE Nights - 6 - 8 PM - 1st Friday of every even month:

February 1st,  April 5th,  June 7th,  August 2nd,  October 4th,  December 6th

(a $15 suggested donation to the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation is always appreciated !)

Posted 01/31/2013 Ernst Wagner

I keep mentioning that many MODULIGHTOR employees are artists outside of our shop.  Lead fabricator Tim Clarke specializes in lighting but also paints and now has a photography exhibit opening in Brooklyn tomorrow night. 

Join us for the reception or go see the large scale works through the end of this month.


Friday 18 January 2012  6-9 pm

MODCA  103 North Third Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tim Clarke

Posted 01/17/2013 Julien Aleksandres

Most often one might expect Modern or Modernist design elements to be Polished Chrome. At MODULIGHTOR of course, we customize our products to designer's specs and it's just as easy to plate in Nickel or Brass.

Usually Paul Rudolph's Nebula fixture is a ceiling mounted chandelier (CH10), but here it is a beautiful table model (TB10). After seeing it only in Polished Chrome all these years what a joy is is to see it in Golden Brass.  It is gorgeous!  Come see it in person in 2013.

Happy New Year!

Posted 12/27/2012 Julien Aleksandres

The holiday season is upon us.

Here in New York we celebrate everyone's traditions and are always proud to display our gorgeous Menorah. (HL10) It has the same light quality as our exposed bulb chandeliers. Beautiful and elegant.

Here's wishing you a happy month of festivities. Happy Hanukah!

(photo by Julien Aleksandres)

Posted 12/12/2012 Julien Aleksandres

Celebrate the holiday season in style in the Paul Rudolp Duplex, upstairs in the MODULIGHTOR Building. The only Paul Rudolph designed town house in New York City not currently 'on the market'. We're here to stay.

With wine and cheese - a great crowd of architects, designers, and enthusiasts all gather for a fun night of stimulating conversation in an amazing space. A fantastic way to start the weekend!

And of course, our charming and witty rabbit will be holding court amongst his many admirers. Hope to see you.

Open House

Friday 7th December 2012

6-8pm or so. Please arrive by 7pm as the gate will close.

(photos by Julien Aleksandres)

Posted 12/06/2012 Julien Aleksandres

This month’s Elle Décor – the “Luxury Issue” – showcases the work of architect Len Morgan. His clients are collectors of all things fabulous.

A white MODULIGHTOR Wall Washer (Minilux HRL WW03) is seen on pages 186 /187. It is a ceiling mounted fixture with custom canopies for an atypical mounting condition.

We call it a Wall Washer because it’s mounted from the ceiling but here it’s being used as an ‘Art Light’ – the art being the books and shelves themselves.

This is a perfect example of how our Art Lights and Wall Washers are interchangeable ideas.

Elle Decor   Len Morgan, Architect

Elle Décor photo: Mikkel Vang

Posted 11/29/2012 Julien Aleksandres

The Quadron chandelier CH07 designed by Paul Rudolph perfectly utilizes MODULIGHTOR's system to create a stunning design.  Now that form is inspiring a whole new generation of lighting solutions. In the last year several of our customers have selected fixtures that pick up where the Quadron leaves off. And now there are even more finishes available! (see previous post)

No matter where the electrical feed is or how atypical the floor plan is this approach can solve several issues in one elegant design. Come talk to us about your project's unique circumstances.

Posted 10/18/2012 Julien Aleksandres

After a nice summer break - great news to blog about again: the gorgeous Ivanka Trump has been featured on the cover of Elle Décor. Of course, she has a MODULIGHTOR fixture.

The long, white Art Light AL03 fits perfectly with her incredibly stylish pad designed by the fierce Kelly Behun. What an honor to be featured there. It must be absolutely beautiful at night.

We've been having a great year here at MODULIGHTOR. Cheers for more successful design problems solved through to 2013!

Elle Decor   Kelly Behun

Elle Décor photo: Eric Piasecki

Posted 09/06/2012 Julien Aleksandres

MODULIGHTOR is always pleased to assist designers with their special projects. We have worked with many designers for various show houses through the years. We were thrilled when the amazing Charles Pavarini III asked to use a couple of our Pipette table lights TB91 in the 2012 Kip's Bay Showhouse.

Atypically, this year the showhouse features two side-by-side duplex penthouse apartments in a new skyscraper - each with its own private pool!  Wow. But quite expectedly, Mr. Pavarini's work is flawless; please check it out!  He also worked on the project with another one of our favorite people, Lana Lenar of Zerolux. It's a very cool project.

Thank you for including us in your work!

Charles Pavarini III Design Associates, Inc.

Kip's Bay Decorator Showhouse 2012

Posted 05/17/2012 Julien Aleksandres

Finally some good news about a threatened Paul Rudolph designed structure!

The Goshen Government Center is a much maligned Brutalist landmark in Orange County, New York. The city council voted today – not to save the structure, but they voted against providing the funds to demolish it. A step in the right direction, at least.

The proposal to demolish has received a lot of press the last couple of months, which hopefully persuaded the committee to a one-vote victory against demolition.

All of us in the design and architecture community owe a big ‘thanks’ to those whose energies help foster understanding and preservation of our architectural heritage.

Architect's Newspaper Vanity Fair Wall Street Journal
Metropolis Magazine    

Posted 05/03/2012 Julien Aleksandres

Some fixtures are specified to relate to a furniture group, such as a chandelier over a dining table. Other times an architectural fixture is needed to relate to the built environment itself. Then there are unusual occasions in which you just need something ELSE.

For those who entertain often, or move or reconfigure furniture for various purposes a free-form fixture might satisfy all requirements. The example here is a Zig-Zag linear pendant, such as the LP41. It can be either all Up light, illuminating the space using the ceiling as a reflector, or Up+Down light. (The Down component is great for surfaces under the fixture, but not necessary to light up the room.)

“Z” shaped fixtures can solve other problems, too, as I’ll discuss in another post.

Posted 04/19/2012 Julien Aleksandres

To get a really good wash of light down the vertical surface of a wall it's best to mount the fixture on the ceiling 18" - 30" from the wall to be illuminated. (But consider whether bulbs can be seen from other side, as from a traffic path.) An electrical box closer to the wall than recommended which cannot be moved would potentially create a very unwelcome light quality from an otherwise fantastic fixture.

An innovative use of our standard parts can get the fixture to a proper distance. We almost always have a solution to the lighting problem!

This same type of modified mounting is useful in a lot of other situations, too. When you have an issue like this give us a call and we'll think it through.

Design: Robert Djerejian, AIA

Photo: Julien Aleksandres

NOTE: Our dear friend and close neighbor Mr. Djerejian passed away last year. He was a great man and I miss his youthful spirit. We were very fortunate to have him as customer.

Posted 04/05/2012 Julien Aleksandres

New designs often arise from our 'pieces and parts' approach to building fixtures with standardized componentry.

Stems typically used to project Art Lights from a wall or to drop pendants from the ceiling are put together around a sphere to form our Stella series chandeliers and sconces - which lots of people refer to as 'Sputniks'. The half-Stella sconce or ceiling mounted fixture was itself a later inspiration from the original full-sphere chandeliers.

Lead fabricator Tim Clarke in our shop devised a table top model, TB130 - I call it the 'Orb'. Here seen with an integral transformer in the base which, if remoted would allow for a marble base. Mounted through a bar or table top - no base at all! A long list of line-voltage lamp and socket options (including compact fluorescent) also give many choices to update this classic form.

Posted 03/22/2012 Julien Aleksandres

We often hear that new apartments have NO electrical service in the ceiling. The only way to get it there is to drop the ceiling a bit – which can be very expensive or may not work with the design plan. Or of course, one could run an absolutely unacceptable wire molding from a wall outlet to the ceiling. Please don’t do that !

Use one of our extrusions and incorporate it into the design of a custom fixture.

Here we made a fixture to access a wall box as though it were a sconce and then just continued the fixture throughout the space as a linear pendant. The designer had intended to use a track system, but once she understood what we could do instead there was no contest. Problem solved!

Design: Staci Ruiz

Posted 03/08/2012 Julien Aleksandres

Track fixtures can be great when a client wants to display an ever changing art collection - Sometimes many small items / sometimes one large item. Sometimes items here / other times items over there. Track fixtures can work well for that. However, track fixtures are almost always by definition using Spot luminaries.

Spot lights provide a SPOT of light. Round or elliptical - depending on the aiming angle. Galleries will shape the round patterns with lenses and elements that block off rounded edges ('barn doors' and the like.) Or sometimes you really just see overlapping round shapes of light.

To provide a smooth, even wash of light specify a Wall Washer (or a wall-mounted Art Light). If the wall is illuminated evenly, the art will be, too. And the fixture is a much simpler, less intrusive form in the space than a line with multiple 'heads' along its length. Less visual clutter and more even light.

Design: Architecture In Formation    

Posted 02/23/2012 Julien Aleksandres

We percieve light as a relationship of contrasts.

The further an Art Light or a Wall Washer projects from a wall the better the light quality will be percieved. Light will reach the floor with any projection,but a smaller projection will increase the amount of contrast between a bright band of light at the top that fades off at the bottom. To minimize the amount of contrast and thereby improve the evenness of light over the art or wall or cabinetry surface - increase projection.

For Art Lights we suggest 12" - 18" projections; Wall Washers should be installed 16" - 24" from the wall.

If a smaller projection is necessary, such as in a corridor or stairwell, specify the HRL shaped fixtures AL03 or WW03 . The HRL shape will allow the fixture to be directed straight down without too much glare from the exposed lamps on the underside of the fixture. An 8" Overall projection (using our standard 6" stems or arms) is the least we recommend.

Posted 02/09/2012 Julien Aleksandres

Many designers and architects use our fixtures because they make an elegant statement; many of our customers love that they can make the fixtures just ‘disappear’ – which we don’t mind at all.

Imagine if Staci Ruiz had spec’ed a White fixture instead of Black; she chose for the fixture to really stand-out. Eric Cohler’s fixture on cabinetry would have completely blended in were it spec’ed in Black.

Finish selection is crucial in determining how a fixture will fit into a particular design style. We may be Modernists but our fixtures complement even very traditional spaces. Finish can relate the fixture to an art piece or cabinetry or it can define it as an architectural element separate from the art.

Staci Ruiz Eric Cohler    

Posted 01/26/2012 Julien Aleksandres

Paul Rudolph’s Quadron chandelier is featured in the gorgeous New York City apartment of Ashley Stark. She is a fabulous style icon herself and is Creative Director for Stark Carpets. (The senior Starks also have several MODULIGHTOR fixtures in their Manhattan residences.)

Ashley’s dining room is on the cover of Elle Décor’s December issue; the Quadron is seen in her foyer on page 117 in a “Fresh Outlook”. Although we make fixtures to designers’ specs, working with one of our regular clients Philip Gorrivan, Ashley bought our showroom model. It was an older fixture that had been here for years and she loved it’s patina.

Elle Décor]

Stark Carpet Philip Gorrivan

Elle Décor photo: Eric Piasecki

Posted 12/19/2011 Julien Aleksandres

The MODULIGHTOR Building and the Paul Rudolph Foundation were happy to host a Bauer and Dean book signing for the amazing fashion designer Ralph Rucci.

The gorgeous 288 page book, Autobiography of a Fashion Designer RALPH RUCCI, attracted a few hundred friends, admirers, fabulous people and several celebrities. The Paul Rudolph duplex was the perfect setting for the glamorous affair; filled with energy and style. What a beautiful party for the holiday season.

> How to rent the Paul Rudolph duplex for your event

Ralph Rucci   Bauer and Dean

Photos: Jeffrey Eason


Posted 12/08/2011 Julien Aleksandres