Potential for Glare - SQ versus HRL

Depending on how high or low a fixture is mounted on a wall and how the extrusion head of the fixture is rotated there is the potential for glare from the exposed lamps or LEDs on the underside of the extrusion.  To direct light where it's needed you may want to rotate the extrusion to point almost straight down.

In that instance we recommend the HRL shaped extrusion instead of the SQ or HR shapes. The 'lip' aspect of the HRL shape blocks glare from the light source until one is directly underneath the fixture looking straight up. 

If you must spec the SQ or HR shape based on aestethics a greater projection will help minimize the potential for glare as you will be less inclined to direct the light straight down.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Posted 01/16/2014 Julien Aleksandres